Charles Messier

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Charles Messier
Charles Messier.jpg
Charles Messier
Born 26 Juin 1730(1730-06-26)
Badonviller, Fraunce
Died 12 Apryle 1817(1817-04-12) (aged 86)
Paris, Fraunce
Residence Paris
Naitionality French
Citizenship French
Kent for Messier catalog
Awairds Cross o the Legion o Honor
Scientific career
Fields Astronomy

Charles Messier (26 Juin 1730 – 12 Aprile 1817) wis a French astronomer maist notable for publishin an astronomical catalogue consistin o nebulae an starn clusters that came tae be kent as the 110 "Messier objects". The purpose o the catalogue wis tae help astronomical observers, in pairticular comet hunters such as himself, distinguish atween permanent an transient visually diffuse objects in the sky.