Census-designated place

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A census-designated place (CDP)[1][2].[3] is a concentration o population defined bi the Unitit States Census Bureau for statistical purposes anely. CDPs hae been uised in ilk decennial census syne 1980 as the coonterpairts o incorporatit places,[4] such as ceeties, touns, an veelages for the purposes o gatherin an correlatin stateestical data. CDPs are populated areas that generally include ane offeecially designatit but the noo unincorporatit smaw commonty, for whilk the CDP is cried, plus surroondin inhabitit kintraside o sindry dimensions an, at times, ither, smawer unincorporatit commonties as well. CDPs include smaw landwart commonties, colonias locatit alang the U.S. border wi Mexico, an unincorporatit resort an retirement commonties an their environs.[5]

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