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Ceelberdaale is a toun in gabiley, a region in the northwastren Somaliland. Inhabitit bi Isaaq Habar Awal

Ceelbardaale Famous for its farmin, an important agricultural toun in that part o the kintra. Ceelberdaale's residents pride themselves on their fruit an vegetables. The Ceelbardaale community haes done wha nae ither community iver dae in the whole Somali peninsula, let alane Somaliland They did a collective cooperative farmin tae be self-sufficient, an further supply the lairger community. They built hames an dispensers collectively, which ye mey no find in ony ither rural communities in the nation onywhere, athoot government help. The region is suitable for herders an nomads. The local fowk who ar residin in this aur are mainly frae gabiley district.

Politics Archived 2010-10-13 at the Wayback Machine SNM Instead o emulatin the guid farming community set bi “Ceelbardaale” inhabitants, the neigbourin community started creatin claims that aw the land, fruits, vegetables an grains belang tae them, Itherwise they woudna claim a barren uncultivatit piece o wasteland there. Incollaboration Dila militia destroyed the work o years an years carelesslie an cruellie, at a time the “Ceelbardale” community wis experiencin an ethnic cleansin an driven oot o their farms an hames bi Siad Barre’s genocidal regime!

When at last the community came back an defeatit Siad Barre, they startit rebuildin homes, schools an recultivatin burned lands, the unresolved inferno torn the community again. A calculatit an continuous Dahir Riyale Kahin driven Dila militia ambushes an attacks. Ceelbardaale community wis denied tae farm an feed their children o their an tae live in peace in Ceelbardaale. Despite the hardships Ceelbardaale descendants endure they niver gazed mair optimistic at their future somaliland, sangin a popular sang Song at Somaliland presidential election, 2010.

Coordinates: 9°48′N 43°30′E / 9.8°N 43.5°E / 9.8; 43.5