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Coordinates: 50°51′07″N 1°13′19″W / 50.852°N 1.222°W / 50.852; -1.222 Catisfield is an aurie o Fareham, Hampshire, Ingland. Oreeginally a sma veelage in its awn richt, it haes nou mergit wi the wastren edge o the toun.

A hamlet[eedit | eedit soorce]

Oreeginally a hamlet, Catisfield is first mentioned in the Pipe Roll o the Bishopric of Winchester in 1210 an mentioned in 1279 in the tithin o North Fareham, when Catisfield, Dean, Pokesole, Cams an Bedenham haed been addit tae the Hundred of Fareham.[1]

The location o Catisfield is tae the north o Titchfield veelage on the eastren edge o the Meon Valley. There is little documentit history relatin tae Catisfield; amangst the records that are available there is mention o it as a sma hamlet steid on the crest o Titchfield Hill at a historically significant road junction owerleukin the Meon Valley. Afore the 19t century Catisfield wis at the junction o historic routes tae Botley, Stubbington, Titchfield, Soothampton, Fareham an Portsmouth. It is said that Samuel Pepys probably rode through it on his travels as did Margaret o Anjou on her wa tae Titchfield Abbey at the bottom o Fishers Hill frae Soothwick in 1445, for the reconfirmation o her marriage in France tae Henry VI.[2]

Housomeivver, it does still featur the oreeginal, but nae langer uised, post office an some vera nicely preservit Georgian an Victorian biggins, an manages tae preserve an impression o a kintra veelage, despite its location on a popular shortcut tae the M27 motorwa.

It is vera close tae Titchfield Abbey an the picturesque River Meon an aw, which lee juist doun Fishers Hill.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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