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Category:CS1 errors: URL–wikiairtin conflict

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URL–wikilink conflict

External links in a rendered citation are a combination of url-holding parameters, |url=, |chapter-url=, etc., with title-holding parameters, |title=, |chapter=, etc. Title-holding parameters mey be wikilinked tae anither Wikipedia article but nae whan thare is a matching url-holding parameter in the citation. When this condeetion occurs, the wikilink is suppressed, the wiki markup ignored, an the rendered citation links tae the external site.

Some templates will an aa cause this error if thay are pairt o a title-holding parameter. The error occurs whan the template produces wikilinked content. For example, {{lang}} templates output a wikilinked category. Templates in url-holding parameters mey an aa corrupt the citation's COinS metadata. As a general rule, avoid using templates in title-holding parameters unless you know that the template's affects are entirely visual ({{!}} an the lik).

This teep of error mey an aa occur in identifier-based templates ({{cite doi}}, etc.). When this happens, the error message is shawn in the article but the error is actually locatit in the identifier-based citation template.

Tae resolve this error, remove wikilinks frae title-holding parameters that are intendit tae be externally linked or remove the external URL, which will allou the internal wikilinks tae wirk as expected. If wikilink-producin templates are important tae the citation, muive them oot o the CS1 template but leave them inside the citation's <ref>...</ref> tags. Some o the functionality providit bi templates mey an aa be available throu CS1 parameters.

Tae resolve errors in identifier-based citation templates, the template must be edited tae correct the error. Exercise caution whan editing thir templates acause identifier-based citation templates are eften uised in multiple articles.

Pages with this error are automatically placed in Category:CS1 errors: URL–wikilink conflict.[a]

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