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The Main Page o the Catalan Wikipaedia.
Teep o steid
Internet encyclopaedia project
Available inCatalan
AwnerWikimedia Foondation
Launched16 Mairch 2001

The Catalan Wikipaedia (Catalan: Viquipèdia) is the Catalan leid edeetion o Wikipaedia. Foondit on 16 March 2001 an reachin 200,000 airticles bi September 2009, it contains aboot 755,000 airticles, wi 1050 active uisers as o Julie 2024.[1] It wis creatit just a few minutes efter the first non-Inglis Wikipaedia, the German version. Despite bein creatit efter the German Wikipaedia, for aboot twa month it wis the anly non-Inglis Wikipaedia that contained airticles.[2] As o mid-2008, the Catalan Wikipaedia is bi far the lairgest edeetion in a regional leid (albeit it is the naitional leid o Andorrae),[3][4] a leid wi relatively few speakers that haes a huge presence on the Internet.[5]

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