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Carlos Ruiz-Tagle

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Carlos Ruiz-Tagle Gandarillas (12 Februar 1932 - 30 Mey 1991) wis a Chilean writer.

Ruiz-Tagle wis born in Santiago, Chile tae faither Carlos Ruiz-Tagle Vicuña an mither Elena Gandarillas Rooms. He attendit primary an seicontary education at Saint George's School in Santiago an later studiet agronomical engineering at the Catholic University of Chile.[1]

Photogrammetric collaboratit on the project an wis editor o publications o the Institute for Training and Research in Agrarian Reform. Developit biggin efforts in technical libraries Hill, Swindon, San Francisco de Moston. In 1979 he became curator o the Naitional Museum Mackenna, a position he held for twal years till his daith. Foondit in 1981, the Revista de Santiago. Hes wis a Member o the Academia Chilena de la Lengua an the Real Academia Española.


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