Carl B. Hamilton

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Carl B. Hamilton

Coont Carl Peter Bastiat Hamilton (born 1 Januar 1946 in Gothenburg) is a Swadish economist an politeecian.

Hamilton haes been a Memmer o Parliament for the Leeberal Fowkpairty frae 1997 tae 1998 an again syne 2002. He sits in the parliament's Committee on the Labour Mercat an is vice-chair o the Committee on EU Affairs. He is a memmer o the pairty buird o the Leeberal Fowkpairty an aw.

Frae 1993 tae 1994 he servit as an Unnersecretary o State at the Swadish Meenistry o Finance.

Hamilton haulds a doctorate in economics frae Lunnon in 1974. Frae 1992 tae 1997 he servit as a professor in economics at the Stockholm Varsity. Durin the mid 90s he wirkit as chief economist at Handelsbanken. Syne 1999 he is a pairt-time professor in internaitional economics at the Stockholm Schuil o Economics.

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