Cardener River

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The Cardener is a river in Catalonie, Spain. Its source is at Les Fonts del Cardener in the municipality o La Coma i la Pedra (Solsonès) at a elevation o 1,050 metre (3,440 ft). It drains a basin o 1,500 square kilometre (580 sq mi). It passes throu the reservoir o Sant Ponç (25 hm3) atween Olius an Clariana de Cardener (Solsonès), Cardona, Súria an Manresa (Bages) afore jynin the Llobregat frae the left at Castellgalí (Bages).

Ane o the Cardener's sources
Heidwatters o the Cardener river

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Coordinates: 42°10′32″N 1°35′27″E / 42.17556°N 1.59083°E / 42.17556; 1.59083