Cao Pi

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Cao Pi
Cao Pi Tang.jpg
A Tang dynasty pentin o Cao Pi an twa meenisters flankin him, bi Yan Liben
Emperor o Wei
Ring11 December 220[1] – 29 Juin 226
SuccessorCao Rui
Keeng o Wei (魏王)
(unner the Han Empire)
Tenur15 Mairch 220 - 11 December 220
PredecessorCao Cao
Imperial Chancellor (丞相)
(unner the Han Empire)
Tenur15 Mairch 220 - 11 December 220
PredecessorCao Cao
Bornc. 187[2]
Qiao Coonty, Pei State, Han Empire[2]
Dee'd29 Juin 226(226-06-29) (aged 38–39) [3]
Luoyang, Wei Empire
BuirialShouyang Mausoleum (首陽陵), Yanshi, Henan
(amang ithers)
Full name
Faimily name: Cao (曹)
Gien name: Pi (丕)
Coortesy name: Zihuan (子桓)
Era name and dates
Huangchu (黃初): 220–226
Posthumous name
Emperor Wen (文帝)
Temple name
Gaozu (高祖)
HooseHoose o Cao
FaitherCao Cao
MitherLady Bian
Cao Pi
Cao Pi (Chinese characters).svg
"Cao Pi" in Cheenese chairacters

Cao Pi (Aboot this soondpronunciation ) (c. 187[2] – 29 Juin 226[3]),[4] coortesy name Zihuan, wis the first emperor o the state o Cao Wei in the Three Kinricks period o Cheenae.

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