Bute witches

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black and white engraving showing old castle and tolbooth
Rothesay Castle an tolbooth c. 1680

The Bute witches war sax Scots wummen accuisit o witchcraft an interrogate in Rothesay paroch on Bute durin the Great Scots Witch Hunt o 1661–62.[1] The Privy Cooncil grantit a Commeession o Juisticiary tae haud local assizes an fower o the wummen[2] – thocht bi historians tae be Margaret McLevin, Margaret McWilliam, Janet Morrison[a] an Isobell McNicoll[4] – war execute in 1662;[2] a fifth micht hae deed whan incarcerate.[5] Ane wumman, Jonet NcNicoll, escapit frae prison afore she coud be execute but whan she retourt tae the isle in 1673 the sentence wis implemented.

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  1. Spelled as Jonet Morisone in the original document reproduced by James R. N. MacPhail.[3]

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