Burt Reynolds

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Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds 1991 portrait crop.jpg
Reynolds in 1991
Born Burton Leon Reynolds
11 Februar 1936(1936-02-11)
Lansing, Michigan, Unitit States
Died 6 September 2018 (aged 82)
Jupiter, Florida, Unitit States
Alma mater Florida State Varsity
Years active 1959–2018
Hauf-marrae(s) Judy Carne (1963–65)
Loni Anderson (1988–93)

Burton Leon "Burt" Reynolds (11 February 1936 – 6 September 2018) wis an American actor, director an producer. He starned in mony roles, sic as Dan August, Deliverance, The Langest Yard wi its 2005 remake, an Smokey an the Bandit.