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The Buick Apollo is a compact caur based on the GM X platform an manufactured frae 1973 tae 1975, meanin it shared its platform wi the Oldsmobile Omega, Chevrolet Nova, an the Pontiac Ventura. The caur wis named for the Roman god Apollo who wis recognised as a god o licht an the sun; truth an prophecy; archery; medicine, healin an plague; muisic, poetry, an the airts. He an aa drove his sun-chariot, the Quadriga athort the sky.

It wis pouered bi a 250 in³ Chevrolet inline sax or an optional 350 in³ Buick V8, available wi aither a 2- or 4-barrel carburetor. The Oldsmobile 260 wis addit as the base V8 option for 1975. It wis available as a hatchback an notchback coupe an as a 4 door sedan. The twa-door models wur renamed Skylark for 1975, an the sedan follaed the year efter. 112,901 wur biggit.[1] The Apollo appeared aroond the same time as the introduction o the Toyota Cressida, Datsun 810, the 1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 300E, 1972-1981 BMW 528 an the Audi 100.

A GSX package wis available on the coupe for 1974. It wis available in reid or white an featurt a blacked-oot grille, unique stripin, an bucket seats, amang ither features.

Ither options includit side moldins wi chrome coloured heichlichts surroondin the mauldin tae enhance a mair luxurious effect, runnin parallel tae the 3 front fake rectangular portholes, cawed "ventiports" on baith front sides o the caur, frae front tae back. Ither options includit chrome aroond the side windaes an optional lairge chrome platin aroond the whole bottom curvature o baith front doors on the twa door model. Thare wis an' a' an option o extra pertection wi lairge front bumpers addit tae the front o the caur alang wi the pertection o a hivy absorbent bumper awready mandatit for the front an back. Various hubcaps an white wall tires addit tae the luxury leuk o the caur. Thare war optional sport side mirrors for the front driver an passenger side which an aa addit a sporty leuk tae the caur. Itherwise chrome rectangular side view mirrors wur staundart.

Thare wis nae antenna muntit on the body o the caur. Instead, twa wires wur insertit in atween the layers o gless in the front windshield.

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