The Bronx

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(Reguidit frae Bronx Coonty)
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The Bronx
Burgh o New York Ceety
Bronx County
Concourse Village an Yankee Stadium
Nickname(s): "The Boogie Down Bronx"
Motto(s): "Ne cede malis" - "Yield Not To Evil"
The Bronx is shown in orange.
The Bronx is shown in orange.
Coordinates: 40°50′14″N 73°53′10″W / 40.83722°N 73.88611°W / 40.83722; -73.88611
Kintra Unitit States
State New York
Coonty Bronx
Ceety New York Ceety
Burgh creatit 1898  (Coonty in 1914)
 • Teep Burgh (New York Ceety)
 • Burg Preses Ruben Diaz, Jr.
(Borough of the Bronx)
 • Destrict     Attorney Robert T. Johnson
(Bronx County)
 • Total 150 km2 (57 sq mi)
 • Laund 110 km2 (42 sq mi)
 • Watter 40 km2 (15 sq mi)
Heichest elevation 90 m (280 ft)
Population (2015)
 • Tot 1,455,444[1]
 • Density 13,379.8/km2 (34,653.4/sq mi)
Time zone Eastren Staundart Time (North Americae) (UTC-5)
 • Simmer (DST) Eastren Daylicht Time (UTC-4)
ZIP Code 104 + twa digits
Aurie code(s) 347, 718, 917. 646.
Wabsteid Offeecial wabsteid o the Bronx Burgh Preses

The Bronx is the northmaist o the five burghs o New York Ceety. Coextensive wi Bronx Coonty, it wis the last o the 62 counties o New York State tae be incorporatit. Locatit north o Manhattan an Queens, an sooth o Westchester Coonty, the Bronx is the anerlie burgh that is locatit primarily on the mainland (a vera sma portion o Manhattan, the Marble Hill neebourheid, is pheesically locatit on the mainland, due tae the reroutin o the Harlem River in 1897). The Bronx's population is 1,455,444 in 2015,[1] The burgh haes a laund aurie o 42 square miles (109 km2), makkin it the fowert-lairgest in laund aurie o the five burghs, the fowert maist populatit, an the third-heichest in densitie o population.[2][3]

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