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Alternative namesForfar bridie
TeepSavoury pie
Region or stateScotland
Main ingredientsPie crust, minced steak, butter, beef shuet
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Ae bridie, or Farfar bridie, is ae Scots kin o maet pastry or pie, oreiginallie fae tha toun o Farfar, seimlar tae ae Cornish pastry. It's meakkit o minced beef, whiles wi ingans and spices, stappit intae pastry (aither shortcrust or puff) nickit intae ae hauf-muin shape; the hail thing is bakkit in an uin.

Maggie Bridie o' Glamis inventid the Farfar bridie in Farfarshire in the 19th century. Maggie wis ae fuidsellar wha sauld Farfar Bridies a' the buttermarket a' Farfar.[1] Some fowk sae it was inventid in the 1950s.[2]

Whit's in the bridie is indicatit bi the nummer o holes in the tap; juist th' ane hole shaws that the'r nae ingans in the ingredients an twa holes shaws that ingans haes bin uised.[2]

It is the subject o the Dundee shibboleth, Twa plain bridies an an ingan ane an aa, supposedlie impossible tae say gin ye dinnae come fae thit toun.

In 2016, Forfar Athletic, the Loons, startit tae uise a Bridie as their mascot.[3]

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