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Alternative names Forfar bridie
Type Savoury pie
Region or state Scotland
Main ingredients Pie crust, minced steak, butter, beef suet
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A bridie or Farfar bridie is a Scots kin o maet pastry or pie, oreiginally frae the toun o Farfar, seimlar tae a Cornish pasty. It's made o minced beef, whiles wi ingans and spices, stappit intae pastry (aither shortcrust or puff) nickit intae a hauf-muin shape; the hail thing is bakkit in an uin.

Maggie Bridie o' Glamis inventid the Farfar bridie in Farfarshire in the 19th century. Maggie wis a fuidsellar wha sauld Farfar Bridies a' the buttermarket a' Farfar.

Whit's in the bridie is indicate bi the nummer o holes in the tap; juist the ae hole shaws that the'r nae ingans in the ingredients an twa holes shaws that ingans haes been uised.

It is the subject o the Dundee shibboleth, Twa plain bridies an an ingan ane an aa, supposedly impossible tae say gin ye dinna come frae that toun.

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