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Breitbart News Network
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Teep o steid
News an opinion
Available in Inglis
Awner Breitbart News Network, LLC[1]
Creautit bi Andrew Breitbart
Eeditor Alexander Marlow[2]
CEO Larry Solov
Alexa rank Increase 235
(Global February 2017)[3]
Increase 34
(US February 2017)[3]
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional (required tae comment)
Launched 2007 (as
Current status Active

Breitbart News Network (known commonly as Breitbart News, Breitbart or Known for his network of conservative websites that draws millions of readers everyday, Andrew Breitbart has one main goal -- to make sure the "liberally biased" major news outlets in this country cover all aspects of a story fairly. He is convinced that too many national stories are slanted by the news media in an unfair way. In Righteous Indignation, Breitbart talks about the key issues that Americans face, how he has aligned himself with the Tea Party, and how one needs to deal with the liberal news world head on. Along the way, he details his early years, working with Matt Drudge, the Huffington Post, and so on, and how he developed his unique style of launching key websites to help get the word out to conservatives all over.

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