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Germanic breeks o the 4t century foond in the Thorsberg moor, Germany
Early uise o breeks in Fraunce: a sans-culotte by Louis-Léopold Boilly.

Breeks or troosers (Whiles trews whan they are tartan) are an item o claes worn on the nether pairt o the body, kiverin baith shanks separately (raither nor wi cloth stretchin athort baith as in skirts an dresses). Tradeetionally, as for the Wast, breeks hae been the staundart nether-body claes item for males sin the 16t century; by the late 20t century, they haed becam extremely prevalent for wummen an aw. Breeks are worn at the hips or waist, an may be haudden up by thair ain fastenins, a belt, or braces. Leggins are form-fittin breeks o a clingy material, aften knitted cotton an lycra.