Hoose o Borgia

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(Reguidit frae Borgia)
Coat o Borgia or Borja

The Hoose o Borgia (Spaingie: Borja or Borjia) wis a faimily that became prominent durin the Renaissance in Italy. Thay wur frae Valencia, the name comin frae the faimily fief o Borja, then in the kinrick o Aragon, in Spain.

The Borgias became prominent in ecclesiastical an poleetical affairs in the 15t an 16t centuries, producin twa papes, Alfons de Borja who ruled as Pape Callixtus III durin 1455–1458 an Rodrigo Lanzol Borgia, as Pape Alexander VI, durin 1492–1503.

Especially durin the reign o Alexander VI, thay wur suspected o mony crimes, includin adultery, simony, theft, bribery an murther (especially murther bi arsenic pushionin).[1] Acause o thair graspin for pouer, thay made enemies o the Medici, the Sforza, an the Dominican friar Savonarola, amang ithers. Thay wur patrons o the airts who contributit tae the Renaissance an aw.

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