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Boeing 707

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Boeing 707
Former Qantas 707-138B awned bi John Travolta at the 2007 Paris Air Show
Role Nairae-bouky jet airliner
Naitional oreegin Unitit States
Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes
First flicht December 20, 1957[1]
Introduction October 1958 wi Pan American World Airways
Retired 2019 (commercially)
Status In leemitit militar service
Primar uisers Trans World Airlines (historical)
Continental Airlines (historical)
Pan Am (historical)
Saha Airlines (historical)
Produced 1957–1979
Nummer biggit 865[2]
Unit cost
US$4.3 million (1955)[3]
US$38.5 million (2017)[citation needit]
Developit frae Boeing 367-80
Variants Boeing 720
Boeing C-137 Stratoliner
Developit intae Boeing E-3 Sentry
Boeing E-6 Mercury
Northrop Grumman E-8 Joint STARS
Boeing 707-300

The Boeing 707 is a mid-sized, lang-range, nairae-bouk, fower-ingine jet airliner biggit bi Boeing Commercial Airplanes frae 1958 tae 1979.

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