Bloodstained Endurance

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Bloodstained Endurance
Studio album by Trail of Tears
Released27 May 2009
GenreBlack metal, gothic metal
ProducerTerje Refsnes
Trail of Tears chronology
Bloodstained Endurance
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Bloodstained Endurance is the saxt studio album bi the Norse black/gothic metal baund Trail of Tears. It wis the first full-lenth album recordit efter Kjetil Nordhus, Runar Hansen, Kjell Rune Hagen an Jonathan Perez left the baund in November 2006, forcin frontman Ronny Thorsen tae assemble a new lineup. It is the first album tae featur soprano Cathrine Paulsen syne A New Dimension of Might in 2002 an aw. The cover, bi Travis Smith, uises the baund logo frae that album.

On 2 Aprile 2009, the sang "The Feverish Alliance" wis postit on the baund's offeecial Myspace profile[1]. Later, the sang "Once Kissed By the Serpent (Twice Bitten By Truth)" wis an aa added.

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. "The Feverish Alliance" – 4:02
  2. "Once Kissed by the Serpent (Twice Bitten by Truth)" – 3:22
  3. "Bloodstained Endurance" – 3:36
  4. "Triumphant Gleam" – 3:41
  5. "In the Valley of Ashes" – 3:55
  6. "A Storm at Will" – 4:00
  7. "Take Aim. Reclaim. Prevail" – 3:12
  8. "The Desperation Corridors" – 4:13
  9. "Farewell to Sanity" – 4:32
  10. "Dead End Gaze" – 3:58
  11. "Faith Comes Knocking" – 4:32
  12. "Onward March the Merciless" (Bonus track on digipak) – 3:08

Release dates[eedit | eedit soorce]


Region Date Label Format
Spain, Finland 27 Mey 2009 Napalm Records Compact Disc
Germany, Austrick, Swisserland, Italy, Benelux, Fraunce, Swaden 29 Mey Napalm Records Compact Disc
The rest o Europe 1 Juin 2009 Napalm Records Compact Disc
Unitit States, Canadae 2 Juin 2009 Napalm Records Compact Disc

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