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Bisbrooke is a veelage an ceevil parish in the coonty o Rutland in the East Midlands o Ingland. It is locatit aboot twa miles (3.2 km) east o Uppingham close tae the A47. In 2001, it haed a population o 219.

The parish kirk o St John the Baptist dates frae 1871 in its present form, though the touer wis anerlie feenished in 1914. There are a number o fine gravestanes,[1] which pre-date the present biggin.

The Gate Inn is on Main Street. Bisbrooke Hall is tae the north o the A47 athin the parish bundary but actually nearer tae the veelage o Glaston. The Hall wis substantially remodelled an extendit bi Lord Carbery aroond 1840.

In the 1950s, "smaw-hauldins, orchards an vegetable patches jostle each ither in the sheltered hollaes o Bisbrooke” whaur “amaist iveryane grows an sells strawberries”; hintle o the fruit wis sent for jam-makkin.

The veelage wis too unremarkable tae warrant an entry in Arthur Mee's The King's England volume.

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Coordinates: 52°35′N 0°41′W / 52.59°N 0.69°W / 52.59; -0.69