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Native name: Otcho
LocationGulf o Guinea
Coordinates3°30′N 8°42′E / 3.500°N 8.700°E / 3.500; 8.700
Aurie2,017 km2 (779 sq mi)
Lenth70 km (43 mi)
Weenth32 km (19.9 mi)
Heichest elevation3,012 m (9,882 ft)
Heichest pointPico Basile
Equatorial Guinea
Pop. density64.45 /km2 (166.92 /sq mi)
Ethnic groupsBubi (58%), Fang (16%),
Fernandino (12%), Igbo (7%) (2002)[1]
Arena Blanca beach, Bioko Island

Bioko (spelled an aa Bioco, in Europe tradeetionally cried Fernando Pó) is an island 32 km aff the wast coast o Africae, specifically Cameroon, in the Gulf o Guinea. It is the northrenmaist pairt o Equatorial Guinea wi a population o 260,000Template:Reference needed an an aurie o 2,017 km2 (779 sq mi). It is volcanic wi its heichest peak the Pico Basile at 3,012 m (9,882 ft).

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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