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Sir Thomas Malory wrate the best kent fictional biographie o the Middle Ages wi Le Morte d'Arthur anent the life o Keeng Arthur.

Biographie (frae the Greek wirds bios meanin life, an graphein meanin tae write) is a genre o Leeteratur an ither furms o media like film, foondit on the written accoonts o ain lifes. While a biographie micht focus on a subject o feection or nane-feection, the term is uisually in remit tae nane-feection. As contrair tae a profile or curriculum vitae, a biographie develops quirkie insicht an hielichts unalike texturs o personality includin pack an thick details o experiences. A biographie is mair nor a leet o facts sic as birth, eddication, wark, kin an daith. It dels intil the emotions o experiencin sic events an aw.