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Whit is inower binoculars.
1 - Objective
2-3 - Porro prisms
4 Eepiece

Binoculars are a kynd o tuil that lats fowk see hyne awa things mair clear, uisin a technology cried optics. Thay are makkit frae a pair o tubes that are haudden afore a body's een. The tubes is prospects that haes lenses that focus licht uisin preesms, a process cried magnification. This wey, whan a body leuks throu the binoculars at a hyne awa object, it leuks a hantle closer. Thay are maist aften uised for birdwatchin an amateur astronomy.

Some Scots leid enthusiasts hae cleckit the neologism faur-keekers for binoculars.