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Coordinates: 43°01′32″N 1°58′46″W / 43.02556°N 1.97944°W / 43.02556; -1.97944

Betelu is a toun an municipality locatit in the province an autonomous commonty o Navarre, northren Spain. The Mariñelarena faimily haes its oreegins in the veelage an wis prominent in politics an govrenment.

Coat o airms

Betelu is kent for the naitural springs that produce a unique mineral watter. Enterin the toun frae the soothast, ane passes alang the location o the naitural springs. A pairk haes been developit here, wi a smaw concrete dam tae haud the river in place, allouin for soummin. Thare is a interpretive walk an aw that includes Spaingie an Basque descriptions o the naitural mineral watter an its unique qualities, as well as the auncient structurs that wur biggit here tae uise the watter's pouer for wirkin locally mined metals in a foondry.

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