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For ither uises, see Betanzos (disambiguation).
Coat o airms o Betanzos
Coat o airms
Situacion Betanzos.PNG
Betanzos is locatit in Spain
Location in Spain
Coordinates: 43°16′45″N 8°12′38″W / 43.27917°N 8.21056°W / 43.27917; -8.21056Coordinates: 43°16′45″N 8°12′38″W / 43.27917°N 8.21056°W / 43.27917; -8.21056
Kintra  Spain
Autonomous commonty Galicie
Province A Coruña
Comarca Betanzos
Founded 1219
 • Alcalde Ramón García (PSOE)
 • Total 24.19 km2 (9.34 sq mi)
Elevation 36 m (118 ft)
Population (2008)
 • Tot 13,522
 • Density 560/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Brigantino, na
Betanceiro, ra; garelo/a
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Simmer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 15300
Offeecial leid(s) Galicie
Wabsteid Offeecial wabsteid

Betanzos (Galician pronunciation: [beˈtanθuʃ]) is a municipality in the autonomous commonty o Galicie in northwastren Spain in the province o A Coruña. It belangs tae the comarca o Betanzos. In Roman times Betanzos war cried Carunium or Brigantium. Durin the Medieval period the dounset wis kent as Carunio.

Igrexa de San Francisco (St Francis Kirk)

The toun is locatit in a growthie valley close tae the Atlantic Ocean, an it haes ane o the best preservit auld quairters in Galicia. Notewirthy is the Igrexa de San Francisco (St Francis Kirk), erectit in 1387 bi order o coont Fernán Pérez de Andrade, whose tomb, decoratit wi huntin scenes, can be seen inside o the kirk. The Igrexa de Santiago (St James Kirk), biggit in the 15t hunderyear bi the guild o tailors, haes a main portal decoratit wi a horseback statue o Saunt James.

Ither sichts in the toun are several toun pailaces, a 16t-hunderyear clock touer, an the toun waws, which preserve three o thair oreeginal fower gates.

Thare are twa celebrations in Betanzos in August each year. At the festival o San Roque, a vera lairge paper balloon is launched. Later in August, decoratit boats sail alang the Mandeo river tae the nearbi Os Caneiros.

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