Bernard Maris

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Bernard Maris
Born23 September 1946(1946-09-23)
Toulouse, France
Dee'd7 Januar 2015(2015-01-07) (aged 68)
Paris, France
ThriftEconomist, writer, jurnalist

Bernard Maris (23 September 1946 – 7 Januar 2015) wis a French economist, writer an jurnalist. He wis an aa a shareholder in Charlie Hebdo magazine. He wis born in Toulouse, France.

Maris wis murderit in Januar 2015, in the Charlie Hebdo shootin at the headquarters o the magazine in Paris.[1]

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  1. "Paris shooting latest: 12 dead at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and three gunmen still on the loose". Metro. United Kingdom. 7 Januar 2015. Retrieved 7 Januar 2015. Later this afternoon, another editor, Bernard Maris, was also said to be dead.