Ben Bhraggie

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Ben Bhraggie
Beinn a' Bhragaidh
Golspie Picnic Area - - 50358.jpg
View o Ben Bhraggie frae Golspie
Elevation 397 m
Parent peak Beinn Lunndaidh
Location Sutherland, Hieland, Scotland
OS grid NC811010
Coordinates 57°58′57″N 4°00′37″W / 57.9825°N 4.0104°W / 57.9825; -4.0104Coordinates: 57°58′57″N 4°00′37″W / 57.9825°N 4.0104°W / 57.9825; -4.0104
Topo cairt OS Landranger 17, Explorer 441

Ben Bhraggie (Scots Gaelic: Beinn a' Bhragaidh) rises tae an elevation o 397 metres (1,302 ft) abuin sea level. The hill dominates the skyline abuin the veelage o Golspie an is veesible frae mony pairts o east Sutherland. The 100 fit taw statue which is perched on tap is that o George Leveson-Gower, Marquess o Stafford an first Duke o Sutherland who acame notorious through the pairt he played in the Hieland clearances.