Bellvale, Californie

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Bellvale is a populatit place in San Mateo Coonty, Californie. The smaw commonty is on Heich-gate 84 (La Honda Road) atween San Gregorio an La Honda. Bellvale haes a elevation o 240 feet abuin sea level.[1] Awtho Bellvale ance haed a post office, the commonty is nou anerly spairsely settled wi hames an ferms.[2] The Bellvale post office, locatit 2.25 mile wast o La Honda, opened in 1897 an wis discontinued in 1922.[3] U.S. Geological Survey maps show oil wells in the area, tapping a relatively small pool of petroleum that was first identified in the nineteenth century.[4]

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37°18′43″N 122°19′12″W / 37.31194°N 122.32000°W / 37.31194; -122.32000Coordinates: 37°18′43″N 122°19′12″W / 37.31194°N 122.32000°W / 37.31194; -122.32000