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Beipiao (Cheenese: 北票市; pinyin: Běipiào Shì) is a ceety in Chaoyang prefectur, Liaoning province, in northren Cheenae. It haes a population o 202,807. The main industry in the aurie is coal minin. Wi vertical shafts o amaist 1000m, these are some o the deepest coal mines in Cheenae. The coal produced is uised for cokin. Daheishan Naitional Forest Pairk is locatit in the northwastren pairt o Beipiao ceety.

The dinosaur Beipiaosaurus wis named efter the ceety whaur its fossils wur foond nearbi.

Coordinates: 41°48′07″N 120°45′43″E / 41.80196°N 120.76208°E / 41.80196; 120.76208

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