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Bathorë is an aurie juist ootside Tirana, the caipital ceety o Albanie in Eastren Europe. Muckle o the aurie is essentially a shanty toun, although local an internaitional charitable organisations are involved in layin drainage an water supply pipes, an in recent years a hospital (built bi Merlin) an schuil (pairt-fundit bi UNICEF) hae been constructit.

The aurie, comprisin approximately 2 square miles, wis oreeginally a state-run farm, an mony o the estimatit 20,000 residents live in convertit cattle sheds wi vera little space, an aften nae windaes. Sanitation is poor an there is nae legal supply o electricity, although haphazard supplies dae exist.

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Coordinates: 41°17′N 19°50′E / 41.283°N 19.833°E / 41.283; 19.833