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Bataclan, Paris 6 April 2008.jpg
The Bataclan Theatre in 2008
Bataclan is locatit in Paris an inner raing
Location o the venue in central Paris
Address 50 boulevard Voltaire
Location Paris, Fraunce
Coordinates 48°51′47″N 2°22′15″E / 48.86306°N 2.37083°E / 48.86306; 2.37083Coordinates: 48°51′47″N 2°22′15″E / 48.86306°N 2.37083°E / 48.86306; 2.37083
Biggit 1864 (1864)
Appent 3 Februar 1865 (1865-02-03)
Renovatit 2006 (2006)
Airchitect Charles Duval
Wabsteid (offline)
Teep Theatre
Built 1864
Airchitect Charles Duval
Airchitectural style(s) Chinoiserie
Govrenin body Private
Offeecial name: Bataclan
Designatit 3 November 1991 (1991-11-03)
Reference no. PA00086554

The Bataclan is a theatre locatit at 50 boulevard Voltaire[1] in the 11t arrondissement o Paris, Fraunce.

The theatre wis the scene o a terrorist attack on the night o 13 November 2015, wh a mass shuiting an explosives killed mony fowk during an Eagles of Death Metal concert.

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  1. The nearest Métro stations are Oberkampf on Line 5 an Line 9 an Filles du Calvaire on Line 8.