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Basil Spence

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Sir Basil Urwin Spence
Born13 August 1907(1907-08-13)
Bombay, Indie
Dee'd19 November 1976(1976-11-19) (aged 69)
Yaxley, Suffolk
PracticeBasil Spence & Partners
BigginsCoventry Cathedral
Hyde Park Barracks
New Zealand pairlament extension

Sir Basil Urwin Spence, OM, OBE, RA (13 August 1907 – 19 November 1976) wis a Scots airchitect, maist associatit wi Coventry Cathedral in Ingland an the Beehive in New Zealand, but an aa responsible for numerous ither biggins in the Modernist/Brutalist style.

Coventry Cathedral