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Bardia or Bardiya
Keeng o Persie
Pharaoh o Egyp
Keeng o Persie
Ring 522 BC
Predecessor Cambyses
Successor Darius I
Born Pasargadae
Dee'd Pasargadae
Buirial 522 BC
Spouse Phaidyme
Issue Parmys
Dynasty Achaemenid
Faither Cyrus II (the Great)
Mither Cassandane
Releegion Zoroastrianism

Bardia or Bardiya (Auld Persie: 𐎲𐎼𐎮𐎡𐎹[1] Bardiya;[2] Auncient Greek: Σμέρδις Smerdis) (possibly died 522 BC) wis a son o Cyrus the Great an the younger brither o Cambyses II, both Persie keengs.

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