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Baldr's death

Baldr is Odin's seicont son. He is the god o simmer sun, licht, an radiance. His twin brither is the blind god o darkness, Hodhr. His wife is cried Nanna. They hae a son, cried Forseti, god o juistice. Baldur haes a ship, which is the lairgest ship iver built. It is cried Hringhorni. His haw is cried Breidlabik. Based on the Merseburg charms, his germanic name mey hae been Phol.

Baldr ance haed a nichtmare that he wad be killed. His mither, Frigg, made aw the things on Yird vou not tae hurt him. The mistletoe did no vow, housomeivver, an Frigg considered it tae be so unimportant that she did no mynd. Loki foond oot that the mistletoe haed no voued, made a spear oot o mistletoes, an tricked Hodhr tae kill Baldur wi it. The daith o Baldur is the stairt o Ragnarok. Mony gods an goddesses came tae his funeral. His wife Nanna dee'd o sadness. His faither, Odin, placit the gowden ring Draupnir on Baldr, but he later sent the ring back frae Hell. This ring somehow came tae Freyr's haund.

Efter Ragnarok an the daith o Odin, Baldur an Hodhr came back tae heiven, an they rule in place o their faither.