Badshahi Mosque

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Badshahi Mosque
بادشاہی مسجد
Badshahi Mosque 33 (edited).jpg
A view o the mosque's prayer haw
Basic information
Location Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Geografic coordinates 31°35′17.07″N 74°18′36.45″E / 31.5880750°N 74.3101250°E / 31.5880750; 74.3101250Coordinates: 31°35′17.07″N 74°18′36.45″E / 31.5880750°N 74.3101250°E / 31.5880750; 74.3101250
Affiliation Sunni Islam
Kintra Pakistan
Architectural description
Airchitectural teep Mosque
Airchitectural style Indo-Islamic, Mughal
Completit 1673
Capacity 56,000
Dome(s) 3
Minaret(s) 8 (4 major, 4 minor)
Minaret hicht 176 ft 4 in (53.75 m)
Materials Reid saundstane, marble

The Badshahi Mosque (Punjabi, Urdu: بادشاہی مسجد‎, or Imperial Mosque) is a Mughal era mosque in Lahore, caipital o the Pakistani province o Punjab.[1] The mosque is locatit wast o Lahore Fort alang the ootskirts o the Wawed Ceety o Lahore.[2] The mosque is widely conseedert tae be ane o Lahore's maist iconic laundmerks.[3]

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