BMW 6 series

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BMW 6 Series refers tae twa generations o automobile frae BMW, first being based on the E23 BMW 7 Series sedan an the seicont on the E60 5 Series sedan. The first wis the E24, launched in 1976 tae replace the 3.0CS & 3.0CSi (E9). In 2003, BMW released the all new E63/E64 which wis available as a coupé an convertible. Models wur the 645ci (later replaced with the 650i) an the 630i. The highest performance 6 series is the BMW M6. The third generation F12 and F13 6 series is scheduled for 2011.

Competitors include the Mercedes-Benz E-class coupe, Audi A5, an Jaguar XK.