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Aw Saunts' Day

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Aw Saunts' Day
Pentin bi Fra Angelico
An aa calledAw Hallaes Day, Solemnity/Feast o Aw Saunts
Observed bi
Leeturgical ColourWhite (Wastren Christianity)
Green (Eastren Christianity)
ObservancesKirk services, prayin for the deid, vesitin seemetries, eatin saul cakes
Date1 November (Wastren Christianity)
Sunday efter Pentecost (Eastren Christianity)
Relatit tae

Aw Saunts' Day (forby kent as Aw Hallaes, Solemnity o Aw Saunts or The Feast o Aw Saunts)[3] is a solemnity celebratit on 1 November bi the Catholic Kirk, an on the first Sunday efter Pentecost in Eastren Catholicism, in honour o aw the saunts, kent an unkent.


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