Aw Saunts' Day

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Aw Saunts' Day
Painting bi Fra Angelico
An aa called All Hallows
Observed bi Catholic Kirk,
Eastren Orthodoxy,
Anglican Communion,
an Methodism,[2]
amang ither Catholic denominations
Leeturgical Colour White
Teep Roman Catholic
Observances Church services
Date 1 November (Catholicism)
Sunday efter Pentecost (Eastren Orthodox)
Frequency annual
Relatit tae Samhain
Hallae E'en
Aw Souls' Day
Day o the Dead

Aw Saunts' Day (an aa kent as Aw Hallows, Solemnity o Aw Saunts or The Feast o Aw Saunts)[3] is a solemnity celebratit on 1 November bi the Catholic Kirk, an on the first Sunday efter Pentecost in Eastren Catholicism, in honour o aw the saunts, kent an unkent.

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