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The Austin Ambassador wis a medium-tae-lairge hatchback introduced bi Breetish Leyland (BL) in 1982. The caur wis a heavily updated version o the Princess, an agein model which lacked a hatchback. Anerlie the doors an inner structur wur carried ower, but the slichtly wedge-shaped design betrayed the caur's Princess origins, an it wis na considered a truly new model.

Tae some extent a competitor tae smawer-engined models o the Austin Rover Group's awn Rover SD1, sales wur law an the model wis discontinued in 1984.

Unlik the Princess, thare wis nae 6-cylinder 2.2 litre version; the Ambassador wis initially offered in 4-cylinder 1.7 litre an 2.0 litre (single carburettor) variants, in "L", "HL" an "HLS" trims. Instead o the previous premium 2.2 litre models, thare wur the HLS an later Vanden Plas trim levels, baith wi a twin-carburettor version o the 2.0 litre ingine. In 1983, the 2.0 litre HL wis upgraded tae an aa uise the mair powerful twin-carburettor ingine. A fower-speed manual gearbox (an automatic) wur the anerlie transmissions offered, wi commentators citin the lack o a fift gear for the manual tranmission as ane o the caur's drawbacks.

The Ambassador wis na anerlie biggit in right haund drive an sicweys wis exportit in continental Europe, at less in Fraunce, an few remain the day — in Breetain, approximately 250 oot o 43,500. The quick succession o its replacement meant the caur anerlie ever serves as a stap-gap in the Austin range.

The Ambassador wis discontinued in 1984, wi nae offeecial replacement. The gap it left in the Austin-Rover range wis effectively filled bi the slichtly smawer Montego, an bi the new generation o smawer Rovers.

UK ingine an trim options L HL HLS Vanden Plas
2.0 twin carb

Special versions[eedit | eedit soorce]

As wi the Princess 'fore it, Ambassadors wur converted bi specialist coachbuilders intae hearse an limousine variants.

Parts bin components[eedit | eedit soorce]

The headlights wur shared wi the Morris Ital. Ither minor components includin much o the interior trim wis an aa shared wi ither BL products. Accordin tae Breetish Leyland, anerlie the front an door skins wur directly shared wi the Princess.

Sales[eedit | eedit soorce]

A 1982-83 Ambassador

The Ambassador achieved domestic sales o 43,427 in the twa years which it wis available. O thir 43,427, anerlie aroond 250 ar thocht tae be still on-the-road (awtho the nummer SORN is unkent). Thir sales figures houiver ar still somewhat slower than that o its successor, the Montego, which despite bein hit bi strikes at Cowley an Longbridge remained a strong seller an achieved sales o 436,000, albeit ower a langer era.

Media appearances[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • A fleet o reid Austin Ambassadors wis shawn on a production line in a 1982 Not the Nine O'Clock News skit – aw the actor employees on the line, includin Rowan Atkinson, wur kent as Bob. The end o the skit proclaimed "The BL Ambassador – Hand Built by Roberts"
  • The Austin Ambassador wis the subject o the sang "My Austin Ambassador Y Reg" bi comedian Graham Fellows, in which he speaks o how great the caur is.

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