Austin 3-Litre

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Austin 3-Litre at Glamis.jpg

The Austin 3-Litre wis a Breetish saloon caur introduced bi Breetish Leyland in at the Lunnon Motor Show in 1967. However, it subsequently became apparent that BMC wur not geared up to producing the caur: few or none seem to hae been sold that year, but bi Julie 1968 it wis reported that the caurs haed begun to leave the factory. Bi that time the square headlights seen at the 1967 motor show haed been replaced bi conventional roond twin headlamp units, an bi the time o the October 1968 show the caur haed also acquired front quarter lichts. In Julie 1968, with caurs beginning to emerge frae the plant, the manufacturers wur asked to detail improvements reportedly implemented since the caur's 'launch' the previous October. Mention wis made o orifice modifications to hydraulic valves in the rear suspension, an it wis stated that there wis a "new" final drive ratio o 3.9:1, though this wis actually the same final drive ratio includit in the launch information the previous October.