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Austin-Healey 100

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The Austin-Healey 100 is a sports caur biggit atween 1953 an 1956 bi the British Motor Corporation (the follaein model, named the 100-Six an biggit frae 1956 tae 1959, is a different caur even tho it shares the name "100"). It wis developed bi Donald Healey tae be produced in-hoose bi Healey's smaw caur company in Warwick an based on Austin A90 Atlantic mechanicals. Healey biggit a single "Healey Hundred" for the 1952 Lunnon Motor Show, an the design impressed Leonard Lord, Managin Director o Austin sae much that a deal wis struck wi Healey tae big it in quantity at Austin's Longbridge factory. The caur wis renamed the Austin-Healey 100.