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Type Watter Beverage
Manufacturer PepsiCo
Kintra o origin Unitit States
Introduced 1994

Aquafina is a non-carbonatit bottelt watter made bi PepsiCo. First bein distributit in Wichita, Kansas in 1994, it is nou distributit athort the hail o the Unitit States, an haes syne 2003, become the Unitit States' tap-sellin bottelt watter kenmerk. The watter is maistlins gotten fae muneecipal cran watter that gaes throu an extensive purifeecation process that includes charcoal filtration, reverse osmosis an ozonation yo yo rbd.

Aquafina is selt in 500-mL, 20-unce, 24-unce, 1-litre, an 1.5-litre bottles.