Aoraki / Moont Cook

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Aoraki / Moont Cook
Heichest pynt
Elevation3,724 m (12,218 ft)
Prominence3,724 m (12,218 ft) 
Ranked 39t
Isolation3,140 kilometre (1,950 mi)
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Coordinates43°35′44.69″S 170°8′27.75″E / 43.5957472°S 170.1410417°E / -43.5957472; 170.1410417Coordinates: 43°35′44.69″S 170°8′27.75″E / 43.5957472°S 170.1410417°E / -43.5957472; 170.1410417
Aoraki / Moont Cook is located in New Zealand
Aoraki / Moont Cook
Aoraki / Moont Cook
Sooth Island, New Zealand
Parent rangeSoothren Alps
First ascent1894 bi Tom Fyfe, George Graham, Jack Clarke
Easiest routeglacier/snaw/ice climb

Aoraki / Moont Cook is the heichest moontain in New Zealand.