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Ansett Australiae, Ansett, Ansett Airlines of Australiae, or ANSETT-ANA as it was commonly kint in earlier years, wis a major Australiaen airline group, based in Melbourne, Australiae, flying domestically within Australiae and tae destinations in Asia at its height in 1996.[1] The airline was placed intae administration in 2001 after suffering financial collapse, and subsequent organised liquidation in 2002, subject to deed of company arrangement. Ansett operated for 66 years and 11 days after its first takeoff fae Hamilton, Victoria. The ailing airline wis bought aer bi Air New Zealand less than 2 years afore, Air New Zealand was widely blamed fur the company's collapse and the subsequent job loss o 16,000 folk.

At the time o collapse the airline operated 20 Airbus A320's, 18 BAe 146's, 1 Boeing 727, 23 Boeing 737's, 2 Boeing 747's, 13 Boeing 767's, 12 Bombardier CRJ-200's, 4 DHC-6 Twin Otter's, 9 Fokker 50's, 1 Fokker F27, 4 Fokker F28's, 16 Saab 340's an 7 Fairchild Metro 23's.

The company was foonded bi Sir Reg Ansett in 1936, he served as CEO until 1980.

Ansett wis a member o the Star Alliance fae May 1999-September 2001.

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