Angus King

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Angus King
Angus King, official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg
Unitit States Senator
frae Maine
Assumed office
January 3, 2013
Servin with Susan Collins
Precedit bi Olympia Snowe
72nd Govrenor o Maine
In office
January 5, 1995 – January 8, 2003
Precedit bi John McKernan
Succeedit bi John Baldacci
Personal details
Born (1944-03-31) 31 Mairch 1944 (age 75)
Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.
Poleetical pairty Independent
Spoose(s) Mary Herman (1984–present)
Bairns Angus III, Duncan, James, Benjamin, and Molly
Residence Brunswick, Maine
Alma mater Dartmouth College
University of Virginia School of Law
Profession Lawyer, lecturer/instructor
Religion Episcopalian

Angus Stanley King, Jr. (31 Mairch 1944) is member o the US Senate, representin Maine in the upper chamber.