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Angela Haggerty

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Angela Haggerty is a Scots writer. She haes written fur publications includin the Sunday Herald, The Drum, an CommonSpace.[1] [2] She haes been a contreibutor on Scots TV an radio, in pairticular discussin politics an Scots unthirldom.


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Haggerty grew up on the Isle o Bute an began her journey in media wi volunteerin tae host a weekly topical news shaw at a smaw community radio station. She studit jurnalism at Cardonald College in Glesga.

Haggerty wirkit fur sindry media businesses, like The Drum, the Rangers Football Club, CommonSpace, an the Sunday Herald. She editit an pairt-wrate a buik anent the liquidation o Rangers Football Club. She wrate a weekly column fur the Sunday Herald. Houiver, she wis faced wi controversy whan her fellae columnist Graham Spiers wis sacked fur writin anent sectarian singin in Scottish fitba. Angela's comments on Twitter wis deemed tae hae undermindit the newspaper's apology, leadin tae her ain dismissal. She wis later reinstatit.


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