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Ali Bongo Ondimba (born Alain-Bernard Bongo; 9 February 1959), forby kent as Ali Bongo an Ali Ben Bongo,[1] is a Gabonese umwhile politeecian wha wis the thrid preses o Gabon frae 2009 til 2023.[2] He is a memmer o the Gabonese Democratic Pairty. He is the son o Omar Bongo, wha wis the heid o Gabon frae 1967 til his daith in 2009. In his faither's presesheid, he wis Meinister o Foreign Affairs frae 1989 til 1991, represent Bongoville as a depute i the National Assembly frae 1991 til 1999, an wis the Meinister o the Defense frae 1999 til 2009. Aifter his faither's daith, he buir the gree i the 2009 Gabonese preses wale. He wis reeleckit i 2016, i wales spulyied by a feck o irraiglarities, arreistins, human richt violations, an aifter-wale protests an strouth.[3]

On the 30 August 2023, follaein the eftercasts o the Gabonese general wale, the military remuived him frae the presesheid in a coup d'état due to the scant o transparency in the wale process an estaiblisht a junta cried the Commeettee fur the Transeetion an Sturkenin o Institutions.

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