Albion Rovers F.C.

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Albion Rovers
Albion Rovers FC logo.svg
Full nameAlbion Rovers Football Club
Nickname(s)The Wee Rovers
Foondit1882; 139 years ago (1882)
Cotbrig, Scotland
Ground Capacity1,572
ChairmanRonnie Boyd
ManagerBrian Kerr
LeagueScottish League Two
2018–19Scottish League Two, 9t o 10
WabsteidClub wabsteid

Albion Rovers F.C. (or the Wee Rovers) plays thair gemmes at Cliftonhill Pairk in Coatbrig. Thay ar currently playin in the Scots fitbaw League third division. Foondit in 1882 as the result o an amalgamation o twa ither teams, the club jynt the Scots fitbaw League initially in 1903 afore returnin in 1919 an, awtho thay hae spent maist o thair time in the lawer divisions, hae maintained thair league membership syne. Thair sole major honours durin that time hae been wins in the auld an new Seicont Divisions (seicont an third tiers respectively).