Al Jawl

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Al Jawl
Al Jawl is locatit in Yemen
Al Jawl
Al Jawl
Location in Yemen
Coordinates: 13°09′41″N 45°20′19″E / 13.16139°N 45.33861°E / 13.16139; 45.33861
Kintra Yemen
Time zoneUTC+3 (Yemen Staundart Time)

Al Jawl is a veelage in sooth-wastren Yemen. It is locatit in the Abyan Govrenorate.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

The liveliheids o the local fowk depend on agricultur. The laund, which is coastal plain, is supplee'd bi watter frae the nearbi Wadi Bana, which flows tae the wast o the veelage intae the sea. Al Jawl lees several kilometres form the coast, north o the coastal toun o Al Kawd.

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