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Akhisar; city center

Akhisar (pronounced: ah-kee-sahr, or mair formally, ahk-hee-sahr) is a coonty destrict an its toun centre in Manisa Province in the Aegean region o Wastren Turkey. Akhisar is an aa the auncient ceety o Thyatira or Thyateira.

Wi archaeological findins that are provin settlements goin back tae 3000 BC, Akhisar haes been a busy tred centre wi its strategic location at the intersection o important roads durin auncient an medieval ages. It wis ane o the ceeties whaur money wis first uised. Akhisar an aa hostit ane o the Seiven Kirks o Revelation (Thyateira, Thyatira). The name o the ceety is mentioned in the Bible. Akhisar maintained its importance as a regional tred centre durin 600 years o Ottoman Empire.

The day's Akhisar is still the tred an business centre in its region. Akhisar's name is internaitionally recawed wi tobacco. The fertile Akhisar Plain produces aboot 10% o tot Turkish tobacco production. Akhisar's hie-quality olives an olive ile are an aa globally kent.

Coordinates: 38°55′26″N 27°50′24″E / 38.924°N 27.84°E / 38.924; 27.84